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Written Thursday, October 26, 2023 at 9:00pm

ACTIVE SHOOTER UPDATE; 9:00 p.m. 10.26.2023

Bates Community - 

We are writing to follow up on our 5:10 p.m. message as indicated. While I am hopeful that a resolution will come sooner rather than later, we remain in a shelter-in-place posture until law enforcement changes their guidance.

As soon as the shelter-in-place order is lifted we will update the campus as quickly as possible through the text messages and emails used throughout the past 24 hours.

We will send a message by 5:30 a.m. tomorrow (Friday) that will include three updates that will be impacted by the status of the shelter-in-place order. These are:

  1. Information about student dining in Commons on Friday, October 27
  2. Information about campus status, i.e. open or closed
  3. Information about community gatherings, either virtual or in person

Our intent is to provide time for people to get some sleep, as it’s been a trying 24 hours. Naturally, if there’s an important development we will update the community as quickly as we can.

Be safe,