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Written Friday, April 5, 2024 at 7:01am

Friday April 5: Power back, TGIF!

Bates Community -

Many thanks to the entire Bates community for your patience and understanding working through yesterday’s storm, with particular appreciation for Campus Safety assisting through the day, the facilities teams clearing campus in adverse weather and the DCCE teams serving meals without core power for much of the day.

A few comments to start the day:

  • Bates is open today, and classes will be held as scheduled. Power is on in academic buildings, and the campus is cleared, though it will be a little slushy as yesterday’s snow melts.
  • Frye Street houses have not had power for over 24 hours. Please give these students grace and understanding. We are working with Central Maine Power (CMP) to restore power for them.
  • Bates may be hosting several dozen CMP employees in Alumni Gymnasium for them to have a “home base” to sleep and eat while they are in our region of Maine restoring power. You may see them in Alumni gym, in Commons, and in the general vicinity of these facilities on Central Avenue. This will also result in a concentration of power trucks near our campus. They could arrive later today, and be with us through Monday morning. Thank you in advance for your Bates friendliness and hospitality while they are with us if this comes together.
  • With temperatures largely above freezing we will continue to see melting, though overnight lows may result in morning ice in spots that experience a freeze-thaw cycle. Use appropriate footwear, and keep a low center of balance when walking in slippery conditions.

Again, thank you all for helping the college get through this unusual April weather.